• Legal Office Procedures

    Sixth Edition

  • Legal Office Procedures Workbook

    Sixth Edition

  • Legal Office Transcription

    3rd Edition

  • Legal Office Procedures
  • Legal Office Procedures Workbook
  • Legal Office Transcription

Stacks of legal books? You really need only one — THIS ONE –

Legal Office Procedures, 6th edition, 2011, by Tina Kamakaris.
Completely updated and expanded; new softcover format.
With a Foreword by Gordon A. Ullman of the Ontario Bar.
Legal Office Procedures Workbook, 6th edition, 2011, by Tina Kamakaris.
Includes a 2GB USB flash drive uploaded with easy-to-use interfacing templates and assignments.
Instructor Resources in digital format, including Test Bank.

Legal Office Procedures 6th Edition, 2011, by Tina Kamakaris
ISBN 978-1-896512-50-1

Legal Office Procedures Workbook 6th Edition, 2011, by Tina Kamakaris ISBN 978-1-896512-51-8

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